August 3, 2009

Return from Sugar Land

Every once in awhile, we could all use a break from the norm. For me, that was coming to NYC in the first place. I wanted something new and different, and boy did I get that and more. But about once or twice a year, I go home to Houston (Sugar Land), TX for some much needed R&R.

I saw familiar faces. I slept more than I have in weeks, months, who knows how long. And of course, I ate. Oh, how I ate.

Food post time!

Then today was my first full day back in New York. I saw an advance screening of Julie and Julia thanks to a contest at SE:NY. I even picked up a delicious blueberry pistachio turnover at Bouchon Bakery:

Which was followed by a much less amazing pistachio french macaron from Whole Foods.

This calls for some home baking. Where do I get almond flour?

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