October 6, 2009

A Page of Childhood Nostalgia


I went to the Bay area last weekend, where old school diners still offer the often overlooked ameneties such as crayons and coloring pages. I've never really found this easy time-waster in NYC, though perhaps it's because they think I'm about triple the age of the usual requester. Ageism at its worst!

It's true though. Twenty something odd years later, and I can still appreciate this simple joy. There's just something therapeutic about the process creating a piece of art within the confines of four colors and a few clear black lines. I briefly entertained the thought of doing a fun social experiment where I show up in an evening gown at a high end restaurant and ask in a serious tone if I could, pretty please, have a coloring page of a unicorn and three to four crayons. Crayola, preferably.