July 20, 2009

Weekend Re-cap, Take II

I shouldn't really call it a weekend re-cap since it incorporates weekdays. But alas, I am a creature of habit.

Some highlights were...

+ Tapas on Tuesday and Thursday.
+ Harry Potter and all the unnecessary romance shoved in there.
+ Dim Sum in Chinatown at Golden Palace. All your normal dim sum stuff, mixed in with good 'ole NYC snarkiness to start off your morning! Hello, sunshine.
+ dessert wine tasting at the Union Sq. Greenmarket.
+ Siren Music Festival. Only caught the set from Frightened Rabbit, a swedish band, but at least was a nice day out.
+ Park Ave Summer Restaurant Week dinner. Full review is here.

And a nice picture to round this post off:

D'aw. A cute puppy I saw on the way to work one morning.

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